Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I love hydrangeas. I have four in my front yard, however only 3 seem to bloom - those are the endless summer ones. I get to see them all summer. It makes me smile. So this card is made with that in mind. The hydrangea stamps are discontinued from the angel company. One stamp is the outline and the other is the filler. I stamped this using versamagic chalk ink. I used a pin to make an embellishment in the ribbon ala Susan Dube (I love her work). The flower centers are done with diamond glaze and a yellow glitter.


Susan said...

What a beautiful card! Peggie, I adore your work as well and I espcially love the hatpin! Aren't they just too much fun? I love your papers. I think the lavenders and yellows just blend so beautifully together. I love it and thanks so much for enjoying my work!

marsha said...

Beautiful card Peggie, I love hydrangeas! Also love the hatpin!