Sunday, November 24, 2013

Key to my heart

I had a key hanger that had a cross stitch "Home is where the Army sends you" in a frame. Well it has been a long time since the Army sent me anywhere so I thought it time to update it. (I wasn't in the army; my husband was). Here is a picture of the frame/hanger - a bit blurry but you get the idea.

My heart is in need of some new keys so I made this picture. If I ever get time to cross stitching I may make something more permanent but I like the results for this. Here is a close up of Tilda and her keys.
All is colored with copics. The lace at the bottom of the dress has frosted lace stickles. Added dome flowers and sparkly candy dots in each corner. The keys a die cut from poppy stamps. The bow is some fiber from a basic grey collection. 
Hope you enjoy.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Cards, Cards, Cards

That title is for 3 cards. I actually made three cards. I haven't sold the house but I have moved to a small 2 bedroom apartment that I love. It was a difficult move but I'm glad I did it. Maybe later I will share some photos of the new place but for now I have cards to share and that is what this blog is about. The first two cards are for a couple of special ladies who helped me with the move. Both are Tilda's colored with copics.
 The flags on this one were made with washi tape.
 This is a Christmas card I made. The angel was embossed. Embossing is what got me into stamping but I rarely do it now because I am like a little kid - I love to color. The red dots are nailhead stickers.
Hope you enjoyed my creations as much as I did making them. It is so good to start creating again. There is still a bit to do in the apartment but it is definitely liveable.