Sunday, October 18, 2009

TP Casting

This is paper casting with a twist. You use toilet paper and spray starch. Using about 8 layers of tp spray them with spray starch making sure the inner layers are well sprayed also. Put the rubber stamp so the stamp is facing up and lay the tp over the stamp and then use a brayer and go over several times. Use a paper towel press down on the tp and stamp and get the excess spray starch up and make sure the tp is well pressed into the stamp. Carefully take the tp off and lay on a piece of wax paper to dry. It takes several hours to dry. I waited until it was try to cut off the excess tp but you could gently rip the excess off while it is still damp. I colored this with copic markers but you could use chalk or colored pencils. Don't use a real detailed stamp. This stamp is an old one from Imaginations! The dp is from basic grey. The flowers are prima flowers with bella baubles in the center.


Chelsea said...

This is really cute ... thanks for sharing how to do it!

Danni said...

Interesting!! Very nice!