Friday, October 16, 2009

Sulyn Glitter

This image is from the limited edition fall & winter whimsy by the angel company. Doesn't this scarecrow have the sweetest face? He is colored all in copics. I am just loving the copic markers. They give such a great look and I think they are easy to use. There are a couple of different glitters used here. I bought some sulyn glitter to try because I heard it was cheaper and nicer than stickles. I haven't decided exactly what I think. I couldn't find a plain glitter glue only the colored swirl glitters so I am not sure I have a fair comparison. The flowers have hot chocolate sulyn glitter glue on them with a gold dew drop in the center. The rest of the glitter on the pumpkins, bee wings, buttons and hat ribbon are all the ice stickles. The dp is basic grey.

Now the difference between the two glitter shows up a bit more. This image is from Stamps in Motion. It is old because I see the copyright is from 1996. Hard to believe that is old. Must mean I have been stamping for over 10 years. Wow! The image was stamped with versamark and then had chalk applied over the stamped image. The ice stickles were then put over the stars. There isn't that much glitter showing up. The celebrate stamp is from little cupcakes by the angel company.

This card is done the same way as the one before but I used the sulyn swirl glitters - whimsey blues, pink party, and grape slushy. There is a lot more color and sparkle but it seemed to warp the paper more than the stickles. Although the sulyn is cheaper than the stickles I thought you used more because the holes are bigger so whether it lasts longer or not I don't know. So there you have my indecisive opinion on the two glitters. I hope to find a clearer color of the sulyn to try it. If I do I will report back on my opinions. And my opinions they are.


Suzanne J Dean said...

That lil' scarecrow is cute as can be--love all the sparkles! And that celebration star card is fabulous!


Nettie said...

your cards are fabulous Peggie; based on these samples as I can see them I prefer the sulyn glitter, I wish I could find it here . . hugs Nettie xx

Danni said...

I've never heard of the sulyn glitter. I have stickles coming out my ears so I'll stick with that for now but it's great to see a comparison.
Great cards!

Mae said...

How beautiful. I just love that scarecrow. What a cutie.

Chelsea said...

I love your coloring of the scarecrow!