Tuesday, September 22, 2015


These are coasters from Target's One Spot. They have plain ones like these and spotted one. Of course I had to have the plain ones so I could stamp on them.

I used a Stubby Stampers stamp and stamped them with White Encore ink. I'm not sure that was the best ink to use I used a heat gun on them and they are still not dry. Probably Staz-on would be best but I didn't have any and wanted to stamp on them. Can you tell I'm impatient sometimes. lol. If they don't dry I'll try to clean them off and get some Staz-on. 
But I really wanted to share them in case someone wanted to try them because I'm not sure how long Target will have them.
Well I just tried and the ink just washed right off. I will have to get Staz-on tomorrow. Oh what we do for our art. 
Here I used white Staz-on with a light coating of Krylon Satin. I think the staz-on stamped much better. These shouldn't wash off with use.  If you want to try these coasters you should go to Target soon because they won't be available for too much longer. 


Glittered Paws said...

Oh how pretty - the white on the black is very striking. I just don't think to go to Target when I am out shopping but should go more as they do have some great "bargins".

Holley (Tondre) Barnhart said...

great job...so fun the goodies you can find in their dollar area huh? I was just there a couple days ago looking at Halloween and fall items.