Friday, July 5, 2013

Christening Gown

This post is definitely not about stamping but I had to share the christening gown I made for my granddaughter. I saw this pattern in Sew Beautiful just at the time when it was time or maybe past time to start to make it. I knew it was just right. Not as frilly and long as some so it was more in my price range and time range. As it is it won't take long til she outgrows it. 

The fabric is Victorian batiste. I did all the lace insertions by machine but had to sew the laces together at the top by hand as I couldn't keep them from separating when trying to sew them together by machine. Here is a close up of the top.
 I haven't put the buttons and buttonholes is yet as when I got it done I thought the neck looked a little small so I will have to check it out and maybe take the binding and lace off and lower the neckline and then put it all back on. Sure hope not.
Here is a picture of the bottom with the embroidery I did. I almost didn't put it on but am glad I did. I think it adds a lot. 
Wish I would have kept track of the hours I spent on it just for fun but I didn't. It took me a month or more to do it but that wasn't steady work.
Here is a picture of Avani and her mother, my daughter. The picture is a few months old. 
Found a more recent one - most of my pictures are on my phone so had to figure out how to get it here.
Hope you enjoyed. And maybe inspired you.


Julie Kitchener said...

Oh Peggie how clever you are! it's just gorgeous! and so is the little one!

Sandy said...

Oh Peggie - what a beautiful keepsake to keep forever -- you are indeed very talented. Your grand daughter is precious and your daughter is just as pretty with your features. I am so happy for you and so happy for your daughter to receive such a keepsake for she and her daughter. Congratulations on a job well done. This dress is gorgeous and you are wise not to complete it until you now it fits. I hope your daughter knows how very precious this Christening gown is. You are a wonderful Mom and Grandmother!

Danielle Champagne said...

WOW Peggie........ I do enjoy, I love beautiful handwork, and your gown is just so so elegant. Your grand daughter will be just beautiful! You know... Avani, has resemblance to her grandmother! such a cute baby. Hugs

Sparkly Engineer said...

absolutely stunning and bound to become a family heirloom

Chrisann Majernik said...

Oh my, it's so beautiful :) What a wonderful gift, and a beautiful story to get to tell. You do amazing work.

Glittered Paws said...

What a beautiful creation - your daughter will have a cherished keepsake to pass on. Beautiful

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous, you are so clever
Hugs julie P

Kelly Neis said...

Gorgeous gown, your sewing is beautiful! I admire that as I cannot sew anything but around a card, barely.
Your granddaughter is so cute!!! So is mommy holding her and I love the big smiles. Thank you for sharing this with us!
Hugs Kelly